Who I Am

I had a transformational moment when I envisioned myself on my deathbed looking back over my life. I saw that until now my life had been full of pain and regret for the mistakes I’d made and not having lived my potential. I asked myself what kind of life I wanted to look back on when my time came? And so began the transformational journey that not only completely changed me from the inside out, but gave me an entire new and empowered perspective on life.

My intuitive abilities were awakened on this journey to heal from complex trauma that stemmed from the residential school legacy, addictions, abuse, family hereditary trauma, and the internalization of false cultural beliefs and norms. I learned how to let go of perfection and fixing myself, and embrace what it is to become my whole and highest self.

I offer everything that is healed in me as knowledge base for your ascension. May you find your highest Self based in the universal truth of love and freedom of your spirit.

much love,

Dawn Deguire

Dawn Deguire is a yoga instructor, certified coach and energy worker (Angel Reiki Master and Holy Fire Reiki practitioner), whose life calling is to help bring awakening to people and society. Her unique intuitive style blends multiple approaches and philosophies through a blend of new age and Indigenous spirituality, yoga, recovery, and psychology.

In her personal life, Dawn is an avid spiritual seeker through her Indigenous nehiyaw (Cree) culture and recovery community. She is the co-founder of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Yoga Association, an organization that makes the healing benefits of yoga accessible to Indigenous people in Saskatchewan.

She has a professional background in communications and studied Public Relations at the University of Victoria. She is a certified Professional Director (Pro.Dir.) through the Johnson-Shoyama School of Public Policy. Dawn is currently studying psychology and sociology at the University of Saskatchewan.