Transformational Yoga

Yoga is more than just a workout. It’s a physical tool to prepare the mind for higher states of consciousness.

Earthbound Yoga
Through Guided visualization and energy medicine, this class will get you attuned to your true nature by embodying the elements of the natural world.

Vinyasa/Yin Yoga
Vinyasa-Yin yoga designed to release deep-rooted beliefs, promote self-acceptance and gentleness, release energy blocks, and unify you with the universe. Vinyasa yoga actively links postures in a flow-like manner using the breath to move from pose to pose. If you’re ready for a deeper, spiritual yogic experience through music and meditative visualization, this class is for you.

Gentle Yoga
Find the rest and digest state that activates healing, while getting in touch with the body, mind and spirit. This class is great for beginners, those with physical limitations, or anyone looking to release stress.

Kids Yoga/Family Yoga
Get ready to amp it up and then calm it down making fun body shapes, playing animals, and learning how to link breath to movement for an overall calmer kid. Ages 3+

Youth Yoga
Providing breathing techniques for anxiety, a good workout, and words of wisdom tailored for young people to understand how to accept and love their unique self.

Chair Yoga
Yoga in the chair is a great way for people with physical limitations to exercise, relax, and find their inner Zen.

Corporate Yoga
Book a single session or a series of gentle accessible yoga for staff retreats or wellness events.

Rates vary. Please inquire.

Bookings for groups or individuals are available. Contact me to inquire.

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